Welcome to Aventine Gardens
Our mission is to enhance the joy, health and knowledge of our clients by creating inspired garden environments that suit their unique needs and lifestyles. We believe in the power of having a connection to the food you eat, the fresh flowers you place on your table and the process of growing and harvesting. We also believe in supporting local and, well, it just doesn’t get more local than your own back yard. What’s more, gardens are simply magical places to be, for us and for you.

Whether you would like organic vegetables artfully grown in your own back yard, a border of edible and ornamental flowers, or a perennial garden stretching out with a symphony of textures and colors throughout the seasons, we can help you bring those ideas to fruition. If you would like a garden or landscape design that showcases the beauty of native species, we can help. Our gardeners are passionate about doing things naturally and to the highest standards. For the health of our clients and our world, we don’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Instead, we draw from the infinite wisdom of nature and listen to the soil and the plants and the conditions of the seasons to grow the best and healthiest gardens year after year. Just like the good old days.